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Map picture
Loot overview
Energy Parasite INatureUStandard
Shadow Phoenix IShadowUStandard
White Rangers IFrostUStandard
Enforcer IFireUStandard
Burrower INatureUStandard
Darkelf Assassins IShadowUStandard
Shatter Ice IFrostCStandard
Fire Sphere IFireCStandard
Fountain of Rebirth INatureUStandard
Phase Tower IShadowUStandard
Lyrish Knight IFrostUStandard
Skyfire Drake IFireUStandard
Shaman IINatureUAdvanced
Nox Trooper IIShadowUAdvanced
Frost Mage IIFrostUAdvanced
Strikers IIFireUAdvanced
Giant Wyrm IINatureCAdvanced
Rifle Cultists IIShadowCAdvanced
Shield Building IIFrostCAdvanced
Lava Field IIFireCAdvanced
Breeding Grounds IINatureCAdvanced
Stone of Torment IIShadowCAdvanced
Tempest IIFrostCAdvanced
Emberstrike IIFireCAdvanced
Shaman IIINatureUExpert
Nox Trooper IIIShadowUExpert
Frost Mage IIIFrostUExpert
Strikers IIIFireUExpert
Giant Wyrm IIINatureCExpert
Rifle Cultists IIIShadowCExpert
Shield Building IIIFrostCExpert
Lava Field IIIFireCExpert
Breeding Grounds IIINatureCExpert
Stone of Torment IIIShadowCExpert
Tempest IIIFrostCExpert
Emberstrike IIIFireCExpert
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2 Players Standard Leinad 1 min 27.6.2012 Comments(0)
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