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Bad Harvest
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Map picture
Loot overview
Giant Wyrm INatureCStandard
Rifle Cultists IShadowCStandard
Shield Building IFrostCStandard
Lava Field IFireCStandard
Breeding Grounds INatureCStandard
Stone of Torment IShadowCStandard
Tempest IFrostCStandard
Emberstrike IFireCStandard
Swamp Drake INatureCStandard
Mutating Frenzy IShadowCStandard
Silverwind Lancers IFrostCStandard
Magma Spore IFireCStandard
Ghostspears IINatureCAdvanced
Nightcrawler IIShadowCAdvanced
Kobold Trick IIFrostCAdvanced
Ravage IIFireCAdvanced
Tunnel IINatureCAdvanced
Lifestealer IIShadowCAdvanced
Defenders IIFrostCAdvanced
Fire Stalker IIFireCAdvanced
Ghostspears IIINatureCExpert
Nightcrawler IIIShadowCExpert
Kobold Trick IIIFrostCExpert
Ravage IIIFireCExpert
Tunnel IIINatureCExpert
Lifestealer IIIShadowCExpert
Defenders IIIFrostCExpert
Fire Stalker IIIFireCExpert
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