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The Guns of Lyr
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Loot overview
Magma Fiend IIFireRAdvanced
Skyelf Commander IIFrostRAdvanced
Aura of Corruption IIShadowRAdvanced
Parasite IINatureRAdvanced
Comet Catcher IIFireRAdvanced
Worldbreaker Gun IIFrostRAdvanced
Overlord IIShadowRAdvanced
Colossus IINatureRAdvanced
Firedancer IIFireURAdvanced
Mountaineer IIFrostURAdvanced
Harvester IIShadowURAdvanced
Parasite Swarm IINatureURAdvanced
Magma Fiend IIIFireRExpert
Skyelf Commander IIIFrostRExpert
Aura of Corruption IIIShadowRExpert
Parasite IIINatureRExpert
Comet Catcher IIIFireRExpert
Worldbreaker Gun IIIFrostRExpert
Overlord IIIShadowRExpert
Colossus IIINatureRExpert
Firedancer IIIFireURExpert
Mountaineer IIIFrostURExpert
Harvester IIIShadowURExpert
Parasite Swarm IIINatureURExpert
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