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King of the Giants
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Map picture
Loot overview
Parasite INatureRStandard
Aura of Corruption IShadowRStandard
Skyelf Commander IFrostRStandard
Magma Fiend IFireRStandard
Grove Spirit INatureRStandard
Death Ray IShadowRStandard
Battleship IFrostRStandard
Fire Worm IFireRStandard
Mark of the Keeper INatureRStandard
Embalmer's Shrine IShadowRStandard
War Eagle IFrostRStandard
Virtuoso IFireRStandard
Creeping Paralysis INatureUStandard
Corpse Explosion IShadowUStandard
Aura of Pain IFireUStandard
Healing Gardens INatureUStandard
Portal Nexus IShadowUStandard
Kobold Laboratory IFrostUStandard
Rallying Banner IFireUStandard
Mana Wing IINatureRAdvanced
Dreadcharger IIShadowRAdvanced
Ice Guardian IIFrostRAdvanced
Sunderer IIFireRAdvanced
Ensnaring Roots IINatureUAdvanced
Life Weaving IIShadowUAdvanced
Juice Tank IIFrostUAdvanced
Termite Hill IIFireUAdvanced
Spore Launcher IINatureUAdvanced
Void Maw IIShadowUAdvanced
Construct IIFrostUAdvanced
Boom Brothers IIFireUAdvanced
Mana Wing IIINatureRExpert
Dreadcharger IIIShadowRExpert
Ice Guardian IIIFrostRExpert
Sunderer IIIFireRExpert
Ensnaring Roots IIINatureUExpert
Life Weaving IIIShadowUExpert
Juice Tank IIIFrostUExpert
Termite Hill IIIFireUExpert
Spore Launcher IIINatureUExpert
Void Maw IIIShadowUExpert
Construct IIIFrostUExpert
Boom Brothers IIIFireUExpert
Rogan Kayle IIILegendaryRExpert
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4 Players Expert Ufonek 18:00 min 18.3.2013 Comments(0)
1 Player Expert OnSet 18:15 min 4.1.2013 Comments(1)
2 Players Expert ramsesII 18:10 min 29.3.2012 Comments(0)
1 Player Expert oskmead 19:06 min 1.2.2012 Comments(0)
1 Player Expert OnSet 18:01 min 7.10.2011 Comments(1)
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