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The Dwarven Riddle
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Map picture
Loot overview
Razorleaf IINatureRAdvanced
Ashbone Pyro IIShadowRAdvanced
Area Ice Shield IIFrostRAdvanced
Timeless One IIFrostRAdvanced
Cultist Master IIShadowRAdvanced
Deepcoil Worm IINatureRAdvanced
Rocket Tower IIFireRAdvanced
Frost Crystal IIFrostRAdvanced
Altar of Nihil IIShadowRAdvanced
Wheel of Gifts IINatureRAdvanced
Wildfire IIFireRAdvanced
Juggernaut IIFireRAdvanced
Razorleaf IIINatureRExpert
Ashbone Pyro IIIShadowRExpert
Area Ice Shield IIIFrostRExpert
Wildfire IIIFireRExpert
Timeless One IIIFrostRExpert
Cultist Master IIIShadowRExpert
Deepcoil Worm IIINatureRExpert
Rocket Tower IIIFireRExpert
Frost Crystal IIIFrostRExpert
Altar of Nihil IIIShadowRExpert
Wheel of Gifts IIINatureRExpert
Juggernaut IIIFireRExpert
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1 Player Expert OnSet 19:16 min 19.1.2013 Comments(0)
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