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Ascension 2
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Map picture
Loot overview
Primeval Watcher INatureURStandard
Infect IShadowURStandard
Frost Shard IFrostURStandard
Backlash IFireURStandard
Mindweaver INatureURStandard
Church of Negation IShadowURStandard
Ice Tornado IFrostRStandard
Earthshaker IFireRStandard
Enlightenment INatureURStandard
Moloch IFireURStandard
Dreadnought IFrostURStandard
Shadow Worm IShadowURStandard
Moloch IIFireURAdvanced
Dreadnought IIFrostURAdvanced
Shadow Worm IIShadowURAdvanced
Enlightenment IINatureURAdvanced
Earthshaker IIFireRAdvanced
Ice Tornado IIFrostRAdvanced
Church of Negation IIShadowURAdvanced
Mindweaver IINatureURAdvanced
Backlash IIFireURAdvanced
Frost Shard IIFrostURAdvanced
Infect IIShadowURAdvanced
Primeval Watcher IINatureURAdvanced
Moloch IIIFireURExpert
Dreadnought IIIFrostURExpert
Shadow Worm IIIShadowURExpert
Enlightenment IIINatureURExpert
Earthshaker IIIFireRExpert
Ice Tornado IIIFrostRExpert
Church of Negation IIIShadowURExpert
Mindweaver IIINatureURExpert
Backlash IIIFireURExpert
Frost Shard IIIFrostURExpert
Infect IIIShadowURExpert
Primeval Watcher IIINatureURExpert
Viridya IIILegendaryRExpert
Mo IIILegendaryRExpert
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