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Slave Master
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Map picture
Loot overview
Banditos IFireUStandard
Gunner IFireUStandard
Aggressor INatureUStandard
Snapjaws IShadowCStandard
Spirit Hunters INatureCStandard
Nomad IFireCStandard
Core Dredge IFrostURStandard
Time Vortex IShadowUStandard
Root Nexus INatureCStandard
Bandit Launcher IFireUStandard
Stone Hurler INatureUStandard
Stone Warrior INatureUStandard
Disenchant IFireURStandard
Frost Bite IFrostCStandard
Nether Warp IShadowURStandard
Banditos IIFireUAdvanced
Gunner IIFireUAdvanced
Aggressor IINatureUAdvanced
Snapjaws IIShadowCAdvanced
Spirit Hunters IINatureCAdvanced
Nomad IIFireCAdvanced
Core Dredge IIFrostURAdvanced
Time Vortex IIShadowUAdvanced
Root Nexus IINatureCAdvanced
Bandit Launcher IIFireUAdvanced
Stone Hurler IINatureUAdvanced
Stone Warrior IINatureUAdvanced
Disenchant IIFireURAdvanced
Frost Bite IIFrostCAdvanced
Nether Warp IIShadowURAdvanced
Mo IILegendaryRAdvanced
Banditos IIIFireUExpert
Gunner IIIFireUExpert
Aggressor IIINatureUExpert
Snapjaws IIIShadowCExpert
Spirit Hunters IIINatureCExpert
Nomad IIIFireCExpert
Core Dredge IIIFrostURExpert
Time Vortex IIIShadowUExpert
Root Nexus IIINatureCExpert
Bandit Launcher IIIFireUExpert
Stone Hurler IIINatureUExpert
Stone Warrior IIINatureUExpert
Disenchant IIIFireURExpert
Frost Bite IIIFrostCExpert
Nether Warp IIIShadowURExpert
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1 Player Expert OnSet 32:41 min 19.1.2013 Comments(0)
1 Player Expert Tectomic 40 min 21.2.2012 Comments(0)
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