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Map picture
Loot overview
Corsair IFireRStandard
Windhunter IFireUStandard
Crystal Fiend INatureRStandard
Rageflame INatureURStandard
Gladiatrix IFireRStandard
Lightblade IFrostCStandard
Nox Carrier IShadowURStandard
Amazon INatureRStandard
Infernal Machine IFireUStandard
Frontier Keep IFrostUStandard
Waystation IFireCStandard
Deepgorge INatureUStandard
Curse Orb ILegendaryURStandard
Offering IShadowCStandard
Envenom INatureUStandard
Disenchant IFireURStandard
Corsair IIFireRAdvanced
Windhunter IIFireUAdvanced
Crystal Fiend IINatureRAdvanced
Rageflame IINatureURAdvanced
Gladiatrix IIFireRAdvanced
Lightblade IIFrostCAdvanced
Nox Carrier IIShadowURAdvanced
Amazon IINatureRAdvanced
Infernal Machine IIFireUAdvanced
Frontier Keep IIFrostUAdvanced
Waystation IIFireCAdvanced
Deepgorge IINatureUAdvanced
Curse Orb IILegendaryURAdvanced
Offering IIShadowCAdvanced
Envenom IINatureUAdvanced
Disenchant IIFireURAdvanced
Corsair IIIFireRExpert
Windhunter IIIFireUExpert
Crystal Fiend IIINatureRExpert
Rageflame IIINatureURExpert
Gladiatrix IIIFireRExpert
Lightblade IIIFrostCExpert
Nox Carrier IIIShadowURExpert
Amazon IIINatureRExpert
Infernal Machine IIIFireUExpert
Frontier Keep IIIFrostUExpert
Waystation IIIFireCExpert
Deepgorge IIINatureUExpert
Curse Orb IIILegendaryURExpert
Offering IIIShadowCExpert
Envenom IIINatureUExpert
Disenchant IIIFireURExpert
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1 Player Expert OnSet 19:12 min 13.1.2013 Comments(1)
1 Player Expert irontits 35:31 min 23.2.2012 Comments(0)
1 Spieler Expert irontits 51:54 min 21.2.2012 Comments(0)
2 Players Expert oskmead 39:32 min 26.10.2011 Comments(0)
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