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Ravens End
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Map picture
Loot overview
Bloodhorn IFireRStandard
Tortugun IFireURStandard
Grinder INatureRStandard
Gemeye INatureUStandard
Nightguard IShadowRStandard
Forest Elder INatureURStandard
Thunder Wagon IFireURStandard
Stormsinger IFrostRStandard
Soul Splicer IShadowRStandard
Howling Shrine INatureUStandard
Artillery IFireUStandard
Hammerfall INatureCStandard
Amok IFireRStandard
Unity IFireCStandard
Amii Ritual IFrostUStandard
Second Chance IShadowUStandard
Bloodhorn IIFireRAdvanced
Tortugun IIFireURAdvanced
Grinder IINatureRAdvanced
Gemeye IINatureUAdvanced
Nightguard IIShadowRAdvanced
Forest Elder IINatureURAdvanced
Thunder Wagon IIFireURAdvanced
Stormsinger IIFrostRAdvanced
Soul Splicer IIShadowRAdvanced
Howling Shrine IINatureUAdvanced
Artillery IIFireUAdvanced
Hammerfall IINatureCAdvanced
Amok IIFireRAdvanced
Unity IIFireCAdvanced
Amii Ritual IIFrostUAdvanced
Second Chance IIShadowUAdvanced
Bloodhorn IIIFireRExpert
Tortugun IIIFireURExpert
Grinder IIINatureRExpert
Gemeye IIINatureUExpert
Nightguard IIIShadowRExpert
Forest Elder IIINatureURExpert
Thunder Wagon IIIFireURExpert
Stormsinger IIIFrostRExpert
Soul Splicer IIIShadowRExpert
Howling Shrine IIINatureUExpert
Artillery IIIFireUExpert
Hammerfall IIINatureCExpert
Amok IIIFireRExpert
Unity IIIFireCExpert
Amii Ritual IIIFrostUExpert
Second Chance IIIShadowUExpert
Ravenheart IIILegendaryRExpert
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