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Passage To Darkness
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Loot overview
Wrathgazer IShadowURStandard
Timeshifter Spirit INatureURStandard
Ward of the North IFrostRStandard
Inferno IFireRStandard
Mind Control INatureRStandard
Plague IShadowRStandard
Avatar of Frost IFrostURStandard
Spitfire IFireURStandard
Revenge INatureRStandard
Soulshatter IShadowRStandard
Stronghold IFrostURStandard
Voodoo Shack IFireURStandard
Voodoo Shack IIFireURAdvanced
Stronghold IIFrostURAdvanced
Soulshatter IIShadowRAdvanced
Revenge IINatureRAdvanced
Spitfire IIFireURAdvanced
Avatar of Frost IIFrostURAdvanced
Plague IIShadowRAdvanced
Mind Control IINatureRAdvanced
Inferno IIFireRAdvanced
Ward of the North IIFrostRAdvanced
Wrathgazer IIShadowURAdvanced
Timeshifter Spirit IINatureURAdvanced
Voodoo Shack IIIFireURExpert
Stronghold IIIFrostURExpert
Soulshatter IIIShadowRExpert
Revenge IIINatureRExpert
Spitfire IIIFireURExpert
Avatar of Frost IIIFrostURExpert
Plague IIIShadowRExpert
Mind Control IIINatureRExpert
Inferno IIIFireRExpert
Ward of the North IIIFrostRExpert
Wrathgazer IIIShadowURExpert
Timeshifter Spirit IIINatureURExpert
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12 Players Expert OnSet 25:01 min 19.1.2013 Comments(0)
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