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Siege of Hope
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Map picture
Loot overview
Ray of Light INatureCStandard
Undead Army IShadowCStandard
Defense Tower IFrostCStandard
Fire Bomb IFireCStandard
Drones INatureCStandard
Shadow Insect IShadowCStandard
Tremor IFrostCStandard
Ghostspears INatureCStandard
Nightcrawler IShadowCStandard
Magma Hurler IFireCStandard
Kobold Trick IFrostCStandard
Ravage IFireCStandard
Mauler IINatureCAdvanced
Ripper IIShadowCAdvanced
Phalanx IIFrostCAdvanced
Rageclaws IIFireCAdvanced
Surge of Light IINatureCAdvanced
Nasty Surprise IIShadowCAdvanced
Ice Barrier IIFrostCAdvanced
Banner of Glory IIFireCAdvanced
Mauler IIINatureCExpert
Ripper IIIShadowCExpert
Phalanx IIIFrostCExpert
Rageclaws IIIFireCExpert
Surge of Light IIINatureCExpert
Nasty Surprise IIIShadowCExpert
Ice Barrier IIIFrostCExpert
Banner of Glory IIIFireCExpert
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1 Player Expert OnSet 21:56 min 6.1.2013 Comments(0)
1 Player Expert OnSet 21:59 min 4.1.2013 Comments(0)
1 Spieler Expert DerWTJ 22:08 min 28.12.2012 Comments(0)
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