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The Soultree
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Map picture
Loot overview
Living Tower INatureUStandard
Resource Booster IShadowUStandard
Winter Witch IFrostUStandard
Fire Dragon IFireUStandard
Thornbark INatureUStandard
Unstable Demon IShadowUStandard
Kobold Engineer IFrostUStandard
Vulcan IFireUStandard
Regrowth INatureCStandard
Unholy Hero IShadowCStandard
Construction Hut IFrostUStandard
Makeshift Tower IFireUStandard
Viridya ILegendaryRStandard
Fountain of Rebirth IINatureUAdvanced
Phase Tower IIShadowUAdvanced
Lyrish Knight IIFrostUAdvanced
Skyfire Drake IIFireUAdvanced
Swiftclaw IINatureUAdvanced
Executor IIShadowUAdvanced
Frost Sorceress IIFrostUAdvanced
Scavenger IIFireUAdvanced
Curse of Oink IINatureCAdvanced
Unholy Power IIShadowCAdvanced
Cannon Tower IIFrostCAdvanced
Morklay Trap IIFireCAdvanced
Fountain of Rebirth IIINatureUExpert
Phase Tower IIIShadowUExpert
Lyrish Knight IIIFrostUExpert
Skyfire Drake IIIFireUExpert
Swiftclaw IIINatureUExpert
Executor IIIShadowUExpert
Frost Sorceress IIIFrostUExpert
Scavenger IIIFireUExpert
Curse of Oink IIINatureCExpert
Unholy Power IIIShadowCExpert
Cannon Tower IIIFrostCExpert
Morklay Trap IIIFireCExpert
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1 Player Expert OnSet 11:48 min 4.1.2013 Comments(0)
1 Spieler Expert DerSascha 17:03 min 6.10.2011 Comments(0)
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