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Nightmare Shard
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Map picture
Loot overview
Hurricane INatureRStandard
Motivate IShadowRStandard
Shrine of Martyrs IFrostRStandard
Shrine of War IFireRStandard
Spikeroot INatureRStandard
Shadow Mage IShadowRStandard
Coldsnap IFrostUStandard
Wallbreaker IFireUStandard
Healing Well INatureUStandard
Furnace of Flesh IShadowUStandard
Skyelf Templar IFrostRStandard
Scythe Fiends IFireRStandard
Mana Wing INatureRStandard
Dreadcharger IShadowRStandard
Ice Guardian IFrostRStandard
Sunderer IFireRStandard
Grimvine IINatureUAdvanced
Necrofury IIShadowUAdvanced
Glyph of Frost IIFrostUAdvanced
Suppression IIFireUAdvanced
Living Tower IINatureUAdvanced
Resource Booster IIShadowUAdvanced
Winter Witch IIFrostUAdvanced
Fire Dragon IIFireUAdvanced
Thornbark IINatureUAdvanced
Unstable Demon IIShadowUAdvanced
Kobold Engineer IIFrostUAdvanced
Vulcan IIFireUAdvanced
Grimvine IIINatureUExpert
Necrofury IIIShadowUExpert
Glyph of Frost IIIFrostUExpert
Suppression IIIFireUExpert
Living Tower IIINatureUExpert
Resource Booster IIIShadowUExpert
Winter Witch IIIFrostUExpert
Fire Dragon IIIFireUExpert
Thornbark IIINatureUExpert
Unstable Demon IIIShadowUExpert
Kobold Engineer IIIFrostUExpert
Vulcan IIIFireUExpert
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