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Fallen Skyelf

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 Gefallener Elf
 Elfe déchue
 Fallen Skyelf

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Orbs: (3)
Energy: 100
Type: Creature (Sky Elf Corrupter)
Charges: 2
Rarity: R
Edition: Twilight

WeaponType: L
Size: L
Attack: 1400
Defense: 780

Infernal Blade - Every 2 seconds, unit casts a lance of infernal power that deals 100 damage to
enemies in a 5m radius around its target, up to 150 in total.

Visions of Despair - Significantly weakens an enemy unit. Target takes 150% more damage for 10
seconds. Spell will be interrupted if caster is knocked back or target moves out of range. If target
is still alive after the spell ends it will be completely healed. Reusable every 30 seconds.


Upgrade I:

Nightmares End (Standard)  
Upgrade II:

Behind Enemy Lines (Advanced)  
Upgrade III:

Behind Enemy Lines (Expert)  
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 2
Battle Tokens: 20
PvP Rank: 8
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 20
Battle Tokens: 50
PvP Rank: 13
Honour Tokens: 25
Victory Tokens: 50
Battle Tokens: 100
PvP Rank: 14

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