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Church of Negation

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 Kirche der Negation
 Eglise de Négation
 Church of Negation

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Orbs: (3)
Energy: 100
Type: Building (Fortress)
Charges: 1
Rarity: UR
Edition: Twilight

Defense: 2000

Mass Disintegration - Disintegrates up to 6 targets simultaneously over time. Target units will be
paralyzed during disintegration and cannot be attacked by other units. If the spell is interrupted
prematurely the targets will be released unharmed. When disintegrating more than 1 target at the
same time the spell will apply an increasing damage on the fortress that gets more harmful the more
targets it affects.


Upgrade I:

Ascension (Standard)  
Upgrade II:

Ascension (Advanced)  
Upgrade III:

Ascension (Expert)  
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 4
Battle Tokens: 30
PvP Rank: 11
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 30
Battle Tokens: 60
PvP Rank: 16
Honour Tokens: 40
Victory Tokens: 70
Battle Tokens: 120
PvP Rank: 17

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