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Gemeye  (Shadow)

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Other affinity: Gemeye (Nature)

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Orbs: (4)
Affinity: Shadow
Energy: 270
Type: Creature (Elemental Corruptor)
Charges: 1
Rarity: U
Edition: Renegade

WeaponType: Special
Size: XL
Attack: 2250
Defense: 4500

Tainted Spit - Every 5 seconds, unit spits poisonous matter that deals 450 damage to enemies in a
15m radius, up to 675 in total. Knocks back small and medium units. What is more, the affected area
around the target will be contaminated for 5 seconds dealing 55 damage to enemy units, up to 165 in
total per second. The damage dealt by this substance cannot be warded off with the help of damage
reducing abilities because it is able to circumvent every buff or protective shield.

Adamant Skin - The unit takes 15% less damage.


Upgrade I:

Empire (Standard)  
Upgrade II:

Empire (Advanced)  
Upgrade III:

Empire (Expert)  
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 1
Battle Tokens: 15
PvP Rank: 3
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 12
Battle Tokens: 40
PvP Rank: 9
Honour Tokens: 15
Victory Tokens: 25
Battle Tokens: 80
PvP Rank: 12

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