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Rogan Kayle

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 Rogan Kayle
 Rogan Kayle

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Orbs: (2)
Energy: 90
Type: Creature (Lyrish Leader)
Charges: 1
Rarity: R
Edition: Renegade

WeaponType: M
Size: M
Attack: 790
Defense: 1000

It's the shoes - Activate to awe up to 3 enemy units within a 15m radius around Rogan. Affected
units will be awestruck by his compelling presence and will not be able to fight or attack for 13
seconds. Reusable every 30 seconds.

Inspiring Leader - Friendly units within a 15m radius will be inspired by Rogan's presence and deal
25% more damage while surrounding him.


Upgrade I:

Encounters with Twilight (Standard)  
Upgrade II:

Crusade (Advanced)  
Upgrade III:

King of the Giants (Expert)  
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 2
Battle Tokens: 20
PvP Rank: 8
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 20
Battle Tokens: 50
PvP Rank: 13
Honour Tokens: 25
Victory Tokens: 50
Battle Tokens: 100
PvP Rank: 14

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